03 April 2012

Superhero Shows Supports Animated Anthem Day

I thought I would throw out my support for Animated Anthem Day, a coordinated event by some great DC related blogs. Thought it was a good opportunity to plug the great Saturday Morning Watchmen! Make sure to check out these great sites.

• Aquaman @ The Aquaman Shrine 

• Booster Gold @ BOO$TERRIFIC 

• Plastic Man and the Marvel Family @ DC Bloodlines

• Doctor Fate @ Tower of Fate

• Firestorm @ Firestorm Fan

• Flash @ Speed Force

• Hawkman @ Being Carter Hall

• Martian Manhunter @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu

• Green Lantern @ The Indigo Tribe

• Supergirl @ Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

• Superman @ Fortress of Baileytude 

• Swamp Thing @ The BLOG from the BOG

• The Vixen @ Justice League Detroit

• The Atom @ Power of the Atom

• Wonder Woman @ Diana Prince


  1. Wow! Thanks for joining in on the crossover! We're glad you enjoyed it!

    That Watchmen video makes me laugh every time! LOVE IT!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. Well, I am in the midst of watching an episode a day of DC animation and so a lot of the highlighted series are fresh in my mind. And I loved discovering that Firestorm, Dr. Fate, and even Swamp Thing had such great sites. And I agree, the Watchmen intro is brilliant.

  3. That cartoon was sadly, inevitably prescient...