10 November 2009

Has Spidey's Black Cat Marked Her Territory?

Rumors are swirling that casting for the Black Cat is underway for a lead role in Spider-Man 4. Since production on the film is ramping up, this rings a bit truer than far fetched stories last year touting Cher as the pick to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie. I guess I am fine with this as long as love triangles are kept under control.

One interesting side effect of this news is the possible impact it may have on DC's Batman franchise. It was never a sure thing that Catwoman would appear though it has been suspected, and it seems that fans would like it. But it seems unlikely that a pair of black clad cat-themed anti-heroines would appear in back-to-back comic franchises. In this showdown, Spider-Man may have beaten the Bat to the punch, though technically Catwoman has already appeared in Batman feature films (Batman'66 and Batman Returns) not even counting the Halle Berry abomination.

And just to set the record straight, although Catwoman predated Black Cat by nearly 40 years, the current version of Black Cat has been around much longer than the similar incarnation of Catwoman.

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