14 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The World's Deadliest Game

The Legion of Doom has no excuse for failure. Not only does Brainiac have a ray that can cloak the entire planet, but Toyman has his own toy planet in the center of a black hole complete with giant pinball machine and dollhouse.

The rest of the Friends were seduced and nearly petrified when following Riddler's clues adding an extra 30 seconds of padding to the adventure. Eventually, Superman and Green Lantern were able to merge (um... not sure what that means) to make an escape from the hole. If I were in the Legion of Doom, I think I would kick Riddler out. If it hadn't been for him dropping clues, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Black Vulcan would have been destroyed for sure. This was a so-so episode, but not one of the ones I remember very fondly. I think some of the best Legion of Doom episodes are yet to come.

Episode Count: 0298
Series Count: (6 of 32)

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