20 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Fear

For the very first time outside of comics, the origin of Batman was finally told and the use of Scarecrow was inspired. I suspect that Batman Begins elected the villain for the same reason 20 years later; Batman's origin is so tied to fear and the Scarecrow is the self-proclaimed master of fear. Also, at least according to my recollection, Scarecrow is one of the Legion Members that had not yet been given a return appearance. He was due. This was pretty much a perfect episode and one that stands out as being much darker in tone than was typical of the Super Friends. DVD special features reveal that this was intended as a pilot for a Batman spin-off.

It was a little strange that Robin didn't know about crime alley, but I guess it made way for a brilliant flashback. Especially considering what couldn't be shown, the scene was surprisingly effective. A note, in this little Bruce and family saw Robin Hood instead of Zorro. This one really needs to be seen and should be considered essential viewing for any Bat-fan.

Episode Count: 0498
Series Count: (5 of 10)


  1. it should be noted that the story credit was Alan Burnett who later worked on Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond.

  2. I was looking foward to this review since first "Crisis of Infinite Episodes" post :D

  3. This episode was produced in 1985, before The Dark Knight Returns established that The Mark of Zorro was the movie that the Waynes saw that night.