01 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Heart of Ice

I will spare the suspense. This is the finest episode of the series and will presumably be #1 on my "Ones to Watch" list (by the way, Over the Edge is the best of the New Batman Adventures). I suppose there is a chance some other episode will catch me off guard, but my mind is pretty made up by now. Heart of Ice did a few amazing things. First and foremost, it made Mr. Freeze an A-list villain (which has sadly been undone by lackluster depictions in other shows; and lets not even mention Arnold). 

The story is so well presented it's hard to believe that this back story and motivation didn't exist before. The tragedy of Freeze's story as told here is so fitting of a Batman villain. Freeze's animation and voice acting is also top notch making for an extremely compelling and sympathetic villain. This is one of those episodes that sticks with you.
By the time Heart of Ice aired, any final doubt that this series was something special had to have been completely erased. The only criticism I can offer, which is actually no criticism of this episode as all, is that Freeze looses some of his oomph on repeat appearances. He was never quite able to match this outing, but considering how good this was, that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Episode Count: 0537
Series Count: (3 of 81)

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