27 February 2012

Sneak Peek at Superman Vs The Elite


Included in the special features of Justice League Doom is a first look at this summer's upcoming Superman Vs. The Elite. This full costume look at Superman looks a lot better than the Jay Leno style chin shot released last week. For lack of a better word, this also has a more "cartoony" style than previous animated films, but I actually think it looks pretty good.

"The Elite, a team of super-powered antiheroes, is renowned for killing their enemies. Despite the acclaim and approval the Elite enjoy, Superman knows they are in the wrong, creating more harm than good by their methods. Tensions between them finally culminate in a mass showdown on Jupiter’s moons, when Superman is forced to prove that violence is never a positive."

The official Superman Vs. The Elite Facebook page has revealed the preliminary Blu-Ray art which also hints at the line-up of The Elite and offers the tagline: World Saved, Humanity Lost.

Along with Union Jack wearing team leader Manchester Black, other Elite members include Coldcast, Menagerie, and Hat.

Lois Lane stands to play a major role in the film.

And CK looks like he will wear a suit that actually fits.