27 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Hawkman

Carter Hall, scientific genius from a far off world flies into action as HAWKMAN, Winged Wonder - who with Skreal his faithful fighting mascot pits his arsenal of phenomenal powers against both earthly and interplanetary foes of peace. HAWKMAN, the Winged Avenger.

The character of Hawkman is one that I really am not 100% clear on. Carter Hall was the first Hawkman whose origin involved him being a resurrected Egyptian who put on a wing harness to fly. The Silver Age Hawkman, Katar Hol, came from a Hawkworld and used the name Carter Hall as a secret identity. I am not sure how these two origins have been reconciled in the modern comics, but for the Filmation cartoons, the Silver Age version was used. Similarly for the Atom and Flash, these three shorts served as the pinnacle of Hawkman's onscreen career, being the only time the hero had a series with his name in the title.

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