28 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Peril from Pluto

With his pet hawk Skreal perched upon his head, Hawkman flew into his Hawkship to block a destructive beam which was coming from Pluto. Once on Pluto (which looked a lot warmer than I would have expected) Hawkman used his Swiss Army claw to put the beam out of commission. About his claw, it could shoot beams, in chemo-mode it shot acid, and of course it could also be used in razor sharp "destructo" mode. Hawkman's wings could also deflect lasers. This was pretty lame overall. I am not overly familiar with Hawkman, but compared to the other DC Filmation heroes, his powers seemed pretty weak. Aside from his claw gadget and pet bird, he didn't really have a gimmick. Two more chances at bat Hawkman...

Episode Count: 0156
Series Count: (1 of 3)
First Appearance: Hawkman

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