27 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Chameleon

 The shape-shifting Chameleon was like Plastic Man as imagined by Dr. Seuss. Instead of just changing form, Chameleon could actually turn into functional objects like operational rockets or airplanes. In the end, Batman came to the obvious conclusion that Chameleon was a robot, although he was really more of a mecha with a little guy controlling him from inside. I must say, that was a bit of a twist and the one highlight to yet another tedious adventure. 

An obvious homage in the episode was Bat-Mite's Fantasia-esque enchantment of a magical mop which briefly threatened to wreak havoc. Ol BM also managed to weasel a kiss out of Batgirl even though he nearly got her killed.

Episode Count: 0225
Series Count: (8 of 15)

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