26 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Reading, Writing & Wronging

Well look who decided to show up. The Penguin. Quack Quack! True to form, Pengy-Poo made this a terrible episode as he taught a bunch of would be criminals in his School of Crime. At one point, Penguin stranded Batman and Robin at the South Pole, and I really have to sympathize with Robin. Having no pants would certainly make enduring the arctic chill even worse.

Even with Batman and Robins belts and his amazing umbrellas, El Penguino still couldn't best the bat. Speaking of belts, what good is Robin's anyway? Its just a buckle and a strap. I guess it would be helpful for holding up his pants, IF he had pants. This was maybe the worst of the series so far. I didn't understand why Bat-Mite helped Penguin steal Batman's belt only to help Batman get his belt back. I hope this series improves soon because its not doing it for me yet. At least I have to say that these boring 20 minutes are better than the boring 45 of the Super Friends. And does anyone really like the Penguin?

Episode Count: 0224
Series Count: (7 of 15)

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