25 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Fifty Foot Woman

Get it? Her name is Amy Zahn, like Amazon... and she's tall... Never mind that Wonder Woman, and actual Amazon is of modest height.

One flaw with the growth formula was that even though it allowed the good doctors clothes to grow (in typical hulk fashion) they didn't grow quite as much as the doc leaving faint tatters. Still, the fact that they grew at all is impressive. Even more impressive, the antidote not only shrunk the clothes but mended them as well. You have to wonder why this wasn't reserved for Apache Chief, or why they didn't just use Giganta who would join the Legion of Doom in the next season. I guess probably for the same reason they used Olive Manta earlier.

Episode Count: 0269
Series Count: (37 of 60)

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