23 October 2012

Onscreen History of Count Vertigo

Aiming to make his live-action debut in an as yet rumored role in the series Arrow, Count Vertigo of Vlatava made his print debut in 1978's World's Finest Comics #251. The ofttimes villain played havoc with the Emerald Archer's equilibrium, and eventually joined the Suicide Squad.

The royal Count Vertigo made his first appearance in the Batman: The Animated Series episode, Off Balance, the episode which also introduces Talia al Ghul. In the episode, the villain used a vertigo inducing eye patch to level his foes. 

Vertigo returned to animation in the final season of The Batman, the season which teamed Batman with other Leaguers against their nemeses. For the Green Arrow episode, Vertigo, the eye-patch was once again utilized as the source of imbalance.

In the all too short series of DC Showcase shorts, Count Vertigo made an appearance in Green Arrow. This time, it was Black Canary to the rescue after the Count attempted to assassinate the young Queen of Vlatava in the hopes of ascending to the throne.

In Young Justice, Vertigo once again had his sights on the throne of Vlatava. This time he allied with the likes of the Joker and Black Adam as a member of the Injustice League, agents of the Light.


  1. I hope he will be in live action "Green Arrow" series. Sad that them are "realistic" style and even if he will be - he will not have a super powers (as they do with Flash Royale Gang...)

  2. He is going to be in Arrow but just called Count.