09 April 2009

What to Expect From Superman/Batman - Public Enemies

When: Fall 2009

Who is in it: Hmm. Could it be Superman and Batman? President Lex Luthor is also front and center as are a number of other DC heroes including Captain Atom, Power Girl, Hawkman, and another Superman. I am not sure how jam packed the movie will be with cameos and guests, but hopefully fairly well packed as that is the real strength of the Superman/Batman title.

What to expect: If its anything like the comic, and it probably will be, this is about President Luthor blaming an asteroid coming for Earth on Superman and offering a bounty on the Man of Steel. From what I have read, the Superman/Batman series shamelessly caters to fanboys by including characters from Bat-Mite to Batman Beyond to Batzarro. So, there is a lot of potential for this to be "cool." On the other hand, the comic series is not known for its great character devlopment. I am hoping for a fun action packed romp like Hulk Vs, and hoping that the next project goes back to adapting a seminal DC novel. At least for this movie, I am hoping for a ton of cameos and lots of punching.

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