17 June 2010

That Flushing Sound Means Jonah Hex has Arrived

As of tonight, the eve of Jonah Hex's debut, the movie has a solid 00% rating on rottentomatoes.com and if the 70+ minute running time is any indication, this is a real stinker. Hey, Dumbo was just over an hour long, but I just don't think Jonah can stack up against a flying elephant. At this point it is not even a forgone conclusion that Hex will beat out such superhero bombs as Howard the Duck's $16 million or even Punisher: War Zone's $8 million. Who would have thought that with $24 million, The Losers would be DC's big summer winner. Hopefully next year's Green Lantern sets things right.


  1. I wouldn`t go that far. I predict it makes 12 million on it`s opening weekend.

  2. To be honest, even I cant believe this barely beat out MacGruber. $5 mil is just pathetic.