19 June 2009

Spotlight on Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is in line to join an elite group of DC superheroes that have been given big-screen live-action movies. This list is so choice, even powerhouses like Wonder Woman and the Flash haven't made the cut. This list contains only the cream of the crop like Batman, Superman, and er um Steel (yes, starring Shaq). Well, so maybe the list isn't so much elite as it is short.

Anyways, the 19th century scar-faced civil war veteran / bounty hunter / anti-hero first appeared in issue #10 of All-Star Western in 1972. His onscreen debut in 1995 was depicted as a flashback of Ra's Al Ghul on Batman: The Animated Series.

Hex and Batman met face to face in the Justice League Unlimited episode The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales in which Hex teamed up with the Leaguers as well as Bat-lash and El Diablo to fight another time traveling n'er do well.

Batman and Hex crossed paths again in 2009's Batman: The Brave and the Bold. First, the two teamed up against an Old West iteration of the Royal Flush Gang.

Later, Hex was recruited through time as a interdimensional bounty hunter who captured warriors for Mongol's War World in the present day.

But it is next Summer's Jonah Hex film that will give the ugly mug a chance to break out into the mainstream.

Teaming with Megan Fox, John Malkovich, and G.O.B. can't hurt either, though hopefully that creepy dude in the rear view mirror doesn't make the cut.

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