20 July 2009

Hero at Large - Film Capsule (1980)

Heroes: Steve Nichols in the guise of Captain Avenger

Villains: The New York City Mayor's PR team

Diabolical Scheme: After Steve, disguised as Captain Avenger to promote the Captain Avenger movie, foils a real life robbery, the New York Mayor's PR team wants to recruit Steve to bust up staged crimes and receive a key to the city to boost the Mayor's popularity during election time.

Coolest Moment(s): Seeing Steve regain his reputation by braving a building fire.

Worst Moment: Steve's girlfriend is a real B.

Comic Book Logic
: There was no way the staged crime would ever be considered by anyone as believable. No one ever really believed he had super powers, so why would he be hanging out outside a moving train to bust up a mugging?

Opening Weekend: $1,850,725

Total Domestic Box Office: $15,934,737

Review in 50 Words or Less: It would be easy to believe a film with this exact premise could be released today, though the product would lack all of the charm and feel-good innocence of the 1980s. Not much big budget action or any special effects, but John Ritter is just so darned likable.

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