16 September 2009

Retrospective 1982

Though new entries in the superhero genre were sparse in 1982, green was definitely in. in the form of two green monster-heroes.

Swamp Thing

Wes Craven's Swamp Thing, based on the DC character was made for a mere $3 million giving us a swamp full of "government agents, scientists, soldiers, master criminals, secret formulas, monsters and midgets."

The Incredible Hulk (Animated)

Later in the year, a more familiar green face would arrive on TVs across the country.

The Incredible Hulk animated series, beginning just as the live action series wrapped, ended up being just a 13 episode blip in the Jade Giant's career. The series was a bit truer to the comic book and also provided the onscreen debut of She-Hulk.

In all, 1982 just wasn't a very good year for fans of superheroes. Fortunately, the decade would end much stronger than it started.

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