22 September 2009

Superman Narrowly Dodged a Speeding Bullet

In the late 1990s, Tim Burton was all set to reinvent Superman for the big screen as he had successfully launched the Batman film franchise in 1989. His ideas included casting Nicolas Cage as Superman. Now, that alone should give you pause. And seeing Nick in a photoshopped Superman suit is even worse. BUT, it turns out I had no idea how bad things could have been...

Just yesterday, a supposed image of Nick in his costume appeared online. Now I am not sure if this is real or not, but it is ridiculously horrible. For all the negativity Superman Returns has received, it seems like it was leaps and bounds ahead of this near monstrosity.

If you aren't convinced yet that Burton's Superman would have been an abomination, imagine Tim Allen or Jim Carrey as Brainiac and Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen (this must have been Burton's pre-Depp days). The movie would have involved the "Death of Superman" story, and would have built on concept images like the one seen below. When all was said and done, some $30+ million was spent on this movie which fell apart.

So, will we ever get another Superman movie? Who knows. But you have to remind yourself, maybe no Superman movie, or at least a long wait for a Superman movie is not really the worst case scenario. Much better for "the Cage" to take on Ghost Rider than the Man of Steel.

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