25 November 2009

DC DVD Announcements and Reveals

Behold the cover art for Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths highlighting the parallel reality plot. Looks good. And sure enough, there is the Spectre hocking his animated short as previously announced.

Perhaps the biggest news of all to coincide with these new images was the announcement of the movie to be released after this one with the working title Batman: Under the Red Hood. First off, its about time Batman gets his own movie. Batman: Gotham Knight AKA Batmanime was technically a Batman movie, but it was such an odd project being both a midquel for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and an experimental anthology, that it didn't really satiate my "Bappetite." Having said that, it was the lines best seller thus far, so more Batman was always on the menu.

So what is Batman: Under the Red Hood about? Who knows. Red Hood is a Batman foe, but he has sometimes been the identity of pre-Jokered Joker (as in the acclaimed graphic novel The Killing Joke), and sometimes a disguise for returned from the dead second Robin Jason Todd. My hunch, the word Killing was to explicit for an animated feature, but this is a rough adaptation of the popular Killing Joke Joker origin tale.

On an aside, its odd how these DVDs and the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series are hitting so many common themes. Within a few months both will have given the only appearances in super hero shows to both Owl Man and Red Hood (as seen above) who incidentally was an alternate Earth good version of Joker that teamed up with Bats on Brave and the Bold to take down Owl Mans gang. In any case, keep em coming.

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