03 November 2009

Heroes "Spoiled" Everyone Last Year

So, word on the street was that a "major death" is coming to Heroes soon. The death was an original cast member, and a male. So, who will it be...

Turns out Nathan Petrelli is the victim. The only problem is, he was killed onscreen in last years season finale. To be fair, he has been seemingly killed on the show before as have numerous others only to be miraculously revived. Even last night they showed that Mohinder was dead, though I guess he will be coming back somehow since he wasnt the death spoiler. I guess the big surprise here is that not only is Nathan dead, but he is staying dead. Wow! Talk about a twist.

The thing is, season 4 of the show has actually been much improved over last year., perhaps attributable to the absence of many characters (Micah, Mohinder, and, and even fake Nathan) There are still ample portions of Sylar, but at least he isn't on a continuing quest to find his real, real, father. So, I will try to assign this lame twist to being a remnant of season 3 and hope that Heroes season 4 can continue being the dumb, but at least no longer aggravating, entertainment for however much longer it lasts.


  1. Sorry Heroes. I gave up on you long ago. Spoiler for next season: Nathan wasn't really dead, at least not until the next season after that.

  2. We gave up on Heroes too. And not even the promise of a dead hero is going to bring us back.