06 January 2010

UPDATE: Vulture Defeats Spider-M4n

Word on the street is that Sam Raimi REALLY wants the Vulture and Sony really doesn't for Spider-M4n AKA Spider-Man 4. Disagreements have derailed the start of film production and Spider-Man 4 will likely not make its May 2011 release date.

Just a couple thoughts on this. This delay will be costly. Summer 2011 is already full of superheroes with Thor in May and Green Lantern and Captain America in July. May 2012 has already been claimed by the Avengers. So unless Spider-Man wants to cannibalize other Marvel films or take on GL head on, something will have to move.

Also, as I have said before, either let Sam make the movie he wants or don't. After his treatment of Venom it doesn't seem wise to force in a different villain than he chooses. Having said that, Vulture is lame. If they are that against Vulture then just hire someone else and settle for an X3 style disappointment for the Spider-Man franchise. I am sure Brett Ratner and McG are both available.

Update: Thor has swooped into the May 6th release date. Sorry Spidey. At least the Marvel tradition of opening the summer movie season will continue.

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