14 October 2012

See Young Justice's New Spoiler

Because of the DC Nation delay debacle, Young Justice's Before the Dawn was postponed until January... but iTunes didn't get the memo; and neither did a surprising DC character who made their animation debut in the episode. Spoiler images follow:

The mystery character is none other than Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler AKA Robin AKA Batgirl AKA doesn't exist in the new 52. This was certainly a welcome surprise rife with potential for the upcoming, though delayed, back half of Young Justice Season 2. Even though Steph was a civilian in this episode, it seems her destiny will catch up with her sooner or later.


  1. Have you watched the whole episode? Who else is named amongst the young captives?

    1. The others names arent listed, but they include Static and Longshadow.

  2. I saw this episode, it was awesome! I wonder wait persona Stephanie will be, but considering they got Tim and Barbra to be Robin and Batgirl I can't wait to see her as Spoiler. Wonder if Cluemaster will be featured.