04 March 2010

Cause One Shadow Wasn't Enough

Fresh off of getting the axe from Spider-M4n Sam Raimi and Fox are teaming up on a remake of The Shadow. The 1994 version was listed as one of Entertainment Weekly's 20 Worst Comic-Book Movies Ever. I actually thought the movie was not that bad aside from some cheese. Alec Baldwin was a weird superhero, especially when compared to his current physical state but the story was sort of interesting. It actually reminded me a lot of Batman Begins (though not as good). Anyways this was a decent take on the telepathy superpower.

A remake with Raimi's involvement, based on how his Darkman films turned out, might be worth checking out... and in honesty would be more anticipated than say a Dr. Strange live action film or SyFy's remake of The Phantom.

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