20 May 2010

Smallville Season X - The Final Chapter

After 10 years and after besting nearly all of Superman's classic enemies, Clark Kent will finally be ready to become Superman. Smallville Season 10 will be the last. Will we finally see flights and tights? I sure hope so. It's not that I particularly want Smallville to end, but I think most people still watching are watching because they want to see the end- the end being Superman, in costume, flying. And, while cool, this single frame from the season 9 finale doesn't count:

So, what does season X promise? Due to mentions of Apokolips and sightings of a possible Granny Goodness (see below), the rumor mill says Darkseid. Since he is the one major villain left, I am all for it. I just hope Lex rears his bald head at least one last time before the end.

We shall see, but in the meantime, here is a clip of what the final season may hold in store:

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