02 April 2011

DC's Next Next Next Animated Movie is Doomed

At the WonderCon conference this weekend it was announced that next Spring's animated offering will be a loose adaptation of the classic JLA: Tower of Babel storyline originally published in 2000. The movie will be called Justice League: Doom.

This is truly great news as Tower of Babel is a great story detailing the true threat posed by Batman. I wont say any more about the plot, but fans should be happy as this is one title I consistently hear people requesting for an adaptation (along with Kingdom Come, Justice, and The Long Halloween which have all been placed in the "not at this time status"). The one downside I anticipate is complaints that all we get is Superman, Batman, Superman and Batman, and Superman with Batman and the League movies. There is some truth to that, but I guess they make what sells. As long as they are good, I say keep 'em coming.

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