22 April 2011

Smallville Teases the Return of Lex Luthor

For those of you not keeping score at home, at the end of Smallville's seventh season, Lex Luthor disappeared when the Fortress of Solitude collapsed on him. Although he was presumed dead, it was later revealed that he was alive, though not well, will all sorts of mechanical contraptions keeping him alive. Green Arrow finally had enough and killed Lex, a decision which continued to haunt him. After that various Lex clones were spotted and for the most part destroyed with the last of the clones turning into Connor Kent AKA Superboy. We know Lex is set to appear in the series finale, poised to become Superman's greatest foe, but now we have a clue as to the method of his return. It looks like maybe Ollie didn't kill him after all, which would be nice since it would make Green Arrow no longer a murderer. Whatever is the method of his return, you've got to admit, its a pretty miraculous recovery.

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