01 May 2011

Teeny Tiny Peek at Green Lantern Animated Series

Its really hard to draw too many conclusions from this clip. It came from Cartoon Network promo reel featuring all sorts of upcoming shows from more Scooby to Looney Toones, to Green Lantern. From what I understand, this is not fully rendered animation, but still, it really doesn't look great to me. I want so much for this to be an awesome show. And if a DC series had to be done in the computer animation style, GL is the perfect choice, but why does a series have to be computer animated? Maybe I am just getting old, but I hope this isn't the wave of the future. Look at Young Justice. It looks fantastic and is one of the best animated series I have ever watched. It has set the bar high and I hope that come Green Lanterns debut, it has risen to the challenge.

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