22 September 2011

The Meteor Man (1993) - Discount Review

Heroes: The Meteor Man

Villains: The Golden Lords

Diabolical Scheme: The Golden Lords simply want to maintain control of crime and to keep their grip make the heroic Meteor Man their prime target.

Coolest Moment(s): The whole sequence where the Meteor Man got his powers was amazing. First, the head of the Golden Lords was just out and about walking his pet Tiger. Then, the Meteor Man got hit by a giant meteor. Classic stuff.

Worst Moment: Some of Meteor Man's powers were absolutely ridiculous.In addition to flight, X-ray vision, and laser vision, he could talk to his dog via barking, make crops grow gigantic, and upload knowledge Matrix-style into his brain by touching a book which led to a Zoolander-style runway showdown.

Total Domestic Box Office: $8,016,708

Review in 50 Words or Less:
I honestly can't say if this movie was supposed to be an action-comedy or just an action movie, Either way, it wasn't very funny... at least not intentionally; but I did laugh a lot. The best I can say is its probably not near as bad as you may expect. 

Recommended Discount Before Buying: 65%

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