08 September 2011

Wonder Woman (1974) - Discount Review

Another week, another attempt at a Wonder Woman franchise, another failure.

Heroes: Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman this time I-Ching style. Along with blonde hair and a lack of super powers, this Woman's golden lasso was just a repelling rope that cameo out of her belt. Rather than deflect bullets, her bracelets were grappling hooks / explosives. She did have an invisible jet, but obviously you couldn't see it.

Villains: Ricardo Montalban as Abner Smith

Diabolical Scheme: Like the plot of the original Mission Impossible movie (sans masks) the plot involved Smith having stolen lists of the identities of secret agents. He held the names ransom until payment was delivered by means of a very hard to track burro.

Coolest Moment(s): There was a scene with melting walls, or something like that which was a halfway decent trap.

Worst Moment: Pretty much everything involving the burro, from his surprise reveal, to his scrub down, to the explanation of how he was tracked. 

Review in 50 Words or Less: Had this been called "Secret Agent Chick" it would have been a bad,  but forgettable movie. Titled as Wonder Woman, this uninspired drudgery crossed over into heretical realms where forgiveness is not possible. Not only was it dumb, but boring and without style or substance. She was no Wonder Woman.


  1. Attempting to adapt the Wonder Woman comic of the time (the concept, including the costume, eventually dropped) was not as big of a mistake as casting Cathy Lee Crosby in the lead was.

  2. I will grant you that. She was not very good.