05 October 2011

Breaking Down the Beware the Batman Promo Poster

At first glance, the promo poster for the upcoming computer animated 2013 Beware the Batman series contains all sorts of unfamiliar images. Aside from Batman (regardless of his look) fans may not be familiar with the other featured characters. Fear not, here's a quick 101 and a guide to where you may have seen these guys before.

Rather than one of the many Robins (including Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin) or Batgirls (including Oracle Barbara Gordon Batgirl, Black Bat, or Stephanie Brown Batgirl), Batman has been teamed with "female ninja" Katana. 

Katana is not exactly a new teammate for Batman having previously served as a member of Batman's Outsiders team, though she has never really been a sidekick per se. Katana is not exactly new to the animation gig either having appeared with two designs in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and in Superman / Batman Public Enemies. 

Professor Pyg

Not as lovable as his name may imply, Professor Pyg is a fairly recent creation in the comics and has been a recurring foe for the Dick Grayson Batman. Pyg specializes in making Dollotrons by surgically attaching masks to his brainwashed victims. This little Pyggy actually made a quick cameo in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, Knights of Tomorrow! being punched by Damian Wayne. 

Mr. Toad

Another recent creation for the Dick Grayson Batman was Mr. Toad, obviously based on the wild ride taking character from The Wind in the Willows. Toad also had the pleasure of being K.O.ed by Damian Wayne in the Knights of Tomorrow! episode.

Alfred with a Gun

Although Batman has often shown a  disdain for firearms, Alfred Pennyworth, Butler and former intelligence agent has not had that same problem - though he tends to favor a trusty shotgun as depicted in Superman / Batman Public Enemies as opposed to handguns. Although, he has typically been a little less brazen about revealing his affiliation with The Batman. 


As for the mystery woman in the corner, I owe you an update when I figure out who she is. Theories include a Dollotron, the Batwoman villain Alice, and Scorpiana - who incidentally also cameoed in Knights of Tomorrow!making her my guess for now. Any other guesses? Comment away.


  1. Katana kind of looks like Nightwing in that picture.

  2. Since the featured villains are Toad and Pyg, do you think they would be bold enough to make this Batman Dick Grayson rather that Bruce?

  3. Wow! Thats something I hadn't considered, but a really good question. I wouldn't think so, but then again, maybe...

  4. She also might be Fright, an obscure Scarecrow-like villain.

    Haven't seen any other theories outside of those four though. Hoping for Alice personally.

  5. It's confirmed to be Magpie.

  6. this is stupid, when i thing of Alfred Pennyworth I think of an old, sweet, loving butler, not some young gun slinger. I also always hated Katana. I think they should have used time drake from dcnu because when the new 52 Teen titans came out I wanted to see him on screen with his cool wings n all >:( I do like the fact that Professor Pyg & Mr. Toad will be on it I think it would be good to see them on screen as main villans & I think they would be great on a kids show & I should not even find it a kids show because i'm going to be definitely watching it

    1. It's definately Magpie, been confirmed on her turn around images