30 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Forget Me Not, Superdog

Enter season three. Superboy and Krypto got totally pwned by a kryptonite asteroid which apparently has amnesia inducing powers on Kryptonian dogs. He decided to terrorize a carnival, then decided to rescue a random man and his son in the woods. Randomness ensued. Turns out the man's life's work was a giant ENIAC style computer that tapped nuclear energy "at the source," and was stored outdoors in the woods. The assailant got revenge by throwing a rock at ENIAC, making it explode which caused an underground explosion of uranium. Superboy hugged the explosion which restored Krypto's memory.

After losing his memory and vision, seems like Krypto should be due for a neurological exam.

Best Part: Krypto harassing the people on the carnival rides was hilarious.

Worst Part: Not sure how memory loss = becoming a jerk. Besides, Superboy is the one who took the blow to the head. I think the dog was faking to get the day off.

Episode Count: 0103
Series Count: (26 of 33)

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