19 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Fiery Invaders

And here we go, alien invaders. These particular invaders decided to conquer Earth by boiling the ocean. In a rush to stop them, Aquaman left his seahorse behind. Apparently he could swim faster than the seahorse. But the logic didn't stop there. Aquaman recruited his fishy friends to spray water on the burning ocean... um, how does that work exactly? 

Eventually the aliens submerged and launched missiles at Atlantis, but using dolphins as Patriot missiles, the threat was contained. Aquaman's "sea-elephants" aka whales then launched the aliens back into space. As Aqualad AKA "Minnow" would say, "Amen to that A-Man."

I sure hope Black Manta returns soon, this was abysmal (pardon the pun)

Episode Count: 0114
Series Count: (04 of 36)

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