06 December 2011

Onscreen History of Killer Frost

The frigid femme fatale Killer Frost first appeared in the pages of 1978's Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #3.

Killer Frost made her onscreen debut some years later on the Justice League series. In the 2003 episode, Secret Society, Frost joined Gorilla Grodd's titular super villain team.

In 2009, KF was seen as a member of the icy quartet, along with Icicle, Mr. Freeze, and Captain Cold, hunting Superman in the Superman / Batman: Public Enemies movie.

In 2010, Killer Frost once again in collaboration with a gang of ice powered villains took on Aquaman and Aqualad in the series premier of Young Justice.

Although this time portrayed as the second woman to bear the name Killer Frost, the blue belle resurfaced again in 2010 on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In the teaser portion of Darkseid Descending! Killer Frost sought vengeance as a lover scorned by the Ronnie Raymond half of Firestorm.

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