14 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Chemo-Creature

This episode got off to a bad start when a red ant being irradiated by scientist is actually not red at all. Anyway, not only did the ant get big as intended but it developed some powers including a gas spraying snout and laser antennae. And the chase was on for the Flash to catch the bug. In the end, the bug reverted to being just "a little ant with big dreams." Hardy har har.

A couple of notes. First of all, it is really weird that the Flash carried his suit in his ring. I know that's from the comic books, but I would like for someone to explain how that makes sense. Number 2, at one point, the Flash spun around really fast turning himself into a whirligig and lifting off the ground. I don't know that I have ever seen him do that before. I guess that's cool, but it might make him really dizzy. The episode did allow Flash to showcase his speed and vibration skills, but I just think a giant bug was a pretty underwhelming villain for the hero's first outing.

Episode Count: 0150
Series Count: (1 of 3)
First Appearance: Flash
Big Bugs Count: 0006

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