27 March 2012

Onscreen History of The Doom Patrol

First beginning their patrols in 1963's My Greatest Adventure #80, The Doom Patrol is a DC team of misfits, perhaps immortalized by the team's death in the final issue of their initial series run. Of course, no one stays dead forever and the team has since experiences a few revivals. Only Robotman has appeared in each incarnation.

During the 5th season of the Teen Titans series, the two-part episode Homecoming which introduced The Doom Patrol also revealed that Beast Boy was a member of the Patrol before becoming a Titan. Other patrollers included Robotman, a robot with human brain, stretchy gal Elasti-Girl, telepath Mento, and the mummy-like Negative Man that can project his life force out of his body. This marked the teams onscreen debut.

The Doom Patrol would return to the small screen in 2010 for The Last Patrol! an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold telling the teams fateful end.

Like the Teen Titans version, the primary team included Robotman, Negative Man, and Elastic-Girl, this version opted to include Chief rather than Mento to serve as team leader.

The 2012 episode of Young Justice named Image introduced a young Garfield Logan. In the episode, Garfield, not yet Beast Boy, received a blood transfusion from Miss Martian after sustaining a critical injury. Presumably, Garfield will assume the Beast Boy transformation powers and moniker as the series progresses.

Up next, the Doom Patrol will be featured in a series of five 1-minute shorts on DC Nation. Thus far, Negative Man, Robot Man, and Elastic-Girl have been revealed as members of the doomed team.

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