29 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Nine Lives of Batman

Thankfully it was a new villain this time and not the freaking Penguin again. Instead we were treated to Catwoman, the Tantalizing Tigress of Terror in her animation debut.

Catwoman set up nine deadly traps for the Dynamic Duo. After just two traps, Catwoman having been nabbed and molested by Robin, led Batman out of her pleasure palace. The episode then turned into Speed with a bomb set to explode if the Batmobile went too fast. Somehow they did go too fast, and the bomb exploded, but the Batmobile and Batman were fine. Just when everything seemed back to normal, Batman and Robin began to glow with radiation.

Rather than just waiting for the glowing to wear off, Batman insisted on going out in public as Bruce Wayne because he wanted to vote. His solution, Batman irradiated the police force. Hopefully Bruce Wayne was also willing to finance their inevitable cancer treatments years later.

This was a really stupid episode. In the end, I don't think Bruce ever did even cast his ballot, and there was also a part in the beginning where Catwoman became invisible for a while. What was that all about. Nonsense I say!

Episode Count: 0171
Series Count: (7 of 34)
First Appearance: Catwoman

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