27 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - How Many Herring in a Wheelbarrow?

After a series of seemingly pointless break-ins, Batman realized the Joker was stealing plans for a giant solar mirror, which he built. Batman retaliated by blowing up Jokers factory (sound familiar? Hint Batman'89). Luckily for the Dynamic Duo, when the factory exploded a little cage landed exactly on the Joker.

Unfortunately, this was one of the series weakest episodes so far. First off, the Joker's scheme was too dragged out, and then when he finally built the mirror, he never really used it. Not to mention, the mirror looked more like a satellite dish than a mirror. And I almost forgot to mention, this episode's death trap involved a magnetic fun house slide. Apparently Batman and Robin are made of metal because they weren't able to move because of the magnetism. Hmm. Maybe in this episode the real Batman and Robin were vacationing leaving the dirty work to Batbots.  

Episode Count: 0169
Series Count: (5 of 34)

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