05 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Ultra Beam

 This time the villain's sidekick was a dude with pogo shoes and the scheme was to destroy gold reserves. But Super Marv and Wendy were much more concerned about what caused their blackboard to shatter. All the while, Wonder Woman was busy "laying some cable." And is it just me, or was there something wrong with her face in this image?

 Not only did pogo boy look silly, but he was a real SOB. There was plenty of talk of alchemy and tremors, but mostly I don't think the plot made a lot of sense. Whats the point of turning gold into iron? Seems like pretty expensive iron. It reminds me of an episode of the Muppets I saw as a kid where they turned gold into cottage cheese. Even though I didn't fall asleep during the episode, my brain did. So, all I know is the Friends won again and everyone else, including the viewers lost during this snorefest.

Episode Count: 0212
Series Count: (11 of 16)

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