25 April 2012

Is This Nightwing From Young Justice?

Although its origins are unclear, this image has been bouncing around tumblr. If legit, this could very well confirm a time jump between seasons and a the two-Robin theory, well one Robin since the other would have graduated to the Nightwing identity. Only three days until the Young Justice season 2 premier addresses some of these rumors.

UPDATE: Yes it is official!


  1. Are Zatanna and Nightwing a couple? and why won't Nightwing join the justice league?

    1. Good questions. Maybe Nightwing has some issues with Batman, or maybe he likes mentoring the junior members.

    2. Loved this episode and am super excited for this 2nd season!!! As for Nightwing, I do think he enjoys mentoring and leading the new blood. Also, I think he feels some extra responsiblity for mentoring and watching Tim Drake/Robin.