16 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Caped Crusader Caper

Holy flying Flintstone Batman, its episode 200 in my quest to watch them all!!!
Since the swiveling house was such a hit a few months earlier, the second teaming of Batman and Robin with the Scooby gang introduced a swiveling bridge with a grumpy troll living under it. Who would have guessed that said troll was none other than the freaking Penguin?

This time around rather than a counterfeit scheme, Joker and Penguin were in pursuit of a flying costume. It would have been nice for a different villainous pair to show up this time around, but Joker and Penguin were fairly generic anyways, aside from an umbrella gag, so I am not sure it would have mattered. The first half of the episode was basically a retread  of the last adventure with swiveling and the villains at a control console playing tricks on the heroes. But the most memorable part if this team-up was the final few minutes which culminated in a rubber factory showdown complete with flying Scooby and a giant Batman balloon which you may have guessed is what ultimately took out the villains. Hardee-har.

I am content with having just the two of these Scooby crossovers. I mean, its not everyday that such huge icons cross paths and the rarity of it is what keeps it special. The reteaming nearly 40 years later in 2011 on Batman: The Brave and the Bold reminded me that even though these episodes are a tad tedious, they have found a very fond place in my memories... and maybe that's where it should remain. In the meantime, this is an excellent gateway drug for my kids to the ever expanding world of DC animation.

Episode Count: 0200
Series Count: (2 of 2)

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