17 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Joy Ride

What kind of kid goes on a joy ride in a propeller plane? I didn't really need a cartoon to teach me that was a bad idea. Not only that, but the amateur pilot flew so low that he was making surfers crash!? That's pretty extreme. Equally extreme was the pose of the Wonder Twins. Hey, at least Marsha and Greg Brady were just step-siblings. The twins behavior was just inappropriate.

For their very first outing, the Wonder Twins went low key with eagle and puddle forms... that is until they upgraded to a pterodactyl and a lake! Obviously conservation of mass was not a concern. After nearly dying, a lesson was learned. This was pretty harmless I guess. But I am not necessarily looking forward to 14 more of these.

Episode Count: 0234
Series Count: (02 of 60)
First Appearance: Wonder Twins and Gleek

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