04 September 2012

Onscreen History of Atomic Skull

Not to be confused with Marvel's Ghost Rider, DC's villainous Jospeh Martin first appeared as DC's Atomic Skull 1991's Adventures of Superman #483. Although Joe wasn't the first DC villain to be named the Atomic Skull, he is probably the better known version. Albert Michaels, the original Atomic Skull, made his debut in 1976.

The flaming skulled villain made his onscreen debut during the Justice League Unlimited series, first appearing in The Cat and the Canary as Wildcat's personal punching bag. He later joined the series version of the Legion of Doom.

The original version of Atomic Skull was the next to get screentime as a member of Young Justice's Injustice League.

Most recently, the Atomic Skull (now purple) appeared in the Superman Vs. The Elite feature in which he made the wrong enemies with the Elite, falling victim to Manchester Black's version of justice. Til now he has been just a minor player in the DC universe, but who knows, flaming skulls being cool and all Atomic Skull's brightest days may yet lie ahead.

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