10 November 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - New Teen Titans: Turn Back the Clock

After a lackluster short in Stream of Consciences, the New Teen Titans were back in top form. Turn Back the Clock not only brought back a fan favorite villain in Mad Mod, but jam packed the brief 1-minute running time with delicious eye candy. As time waves passed, the modern team was redesigned for the 90's, 80's, 70's, and 60's with the short concluding with the Titans of the future (here for more pics).

The future Titans included the line-up of the novel Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone set 6,000 years in the future as well as Robin, The Toy Wonder from Robin 10000000.

Turns out the Scissors, Paper, Stone Titans were originally pitched for the Teen Titans animated series but never utilized s when this short moved into production, the old designs were dusted off and chibitized. This is one of the best examples so far of how much delight can be crammed into a short, well thought out running time. Kudos!

DC Nation Short Count: 0020
First Appearance: Robin, The Toy Wonder
First Appearance: Captain Thug
First Appearance: Dead Pretty-Boy
First Appearance: Witchie Poo
First Appearance: Prosthetic Lass

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  1. why the fuck is beast boy pink and starfires hair both 1960s why why!!!!!!!!!!!!