12 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Rub Three Times for Disaster

In this, the World's Greatest Super Friend first outing, the writers opted for Aladdin in space with a villain resembling then contemporary Ayatollah Khomenei from the planet Zaghdad and his trusty space genie.

Trapped inside the magic lamp, Zan and Jayna clashed with a skeleton pirate with a lightsaber.But the lamp was about to get a lot more crowded as Superman also got sucked inside where he got attacked by the trees from the Wizard of Oz. This episode has a little something for everyone, even offering a belly dancing Wonder Woman and a cross dressing Gleek. There was a whole lotta nonsense in this episode, but at least I certainly couldn't call it boring. I suspect this series is going to be an interesting experience.

Episode Count: 0330
Series Count: (1 of 8)

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