08 May 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Dr. Duplicator Strikes Again

Among the things I learned this episode are that gravity beams only work on metal, not plastic. Also, if you want to make a duplicate of someone, you need a giant Venus flytrap (and a photograph no less) - which if memory serves was also a plot point in a Poison Ivy themed episode of Batman: The Animated Series - but done here first.  Doc Duplicator also commanded moss men. I am not sure why this guy who looks more like Mr. Freeze has such a command over plant life. As for "Bad Luck" Hula, I think the guy is more an idiot than anything. It has nothing to do with luck. I do like doppelgangers, but this one lands somewhere in the middle of the road.

Episode Count: 0364
Series Count: (27 of 35)

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