21 August 2013

Super History of Superman: Superman: Doomsday (2007)

After the abysmal Superman: Brainiac Attacks the year previous, Superman: Doomsday had something to prove. Not only was this the Man of Steel's shot at redemption, but the movie ushered in the modern wave of DC's direct to video productions. And Doomsday did a great job of capturing the grand scale feel that this film line deserved. Superman: Doomsday aimed to translate one of the best known Superman stories in the Death and Return of Superman arcs, and while the film probably bit off more than in could chew, it was mostly a success.

Although the various Superman from the comics were missed, this film did manage to present a decent story in its own right but if nothing else, the fight between Superman and Doomsday was appropriately epic. Also, even with Toyman and Luthor, the movie did not suffer from villain overload.

There was also a fight between the impostor Superman and the real Superman, but that fight just couldn't quite match the other. Although, I have to say I like the look of solar-suit wearing Superman, mullet and all. Along with a memorable score, this entry was a great way to start off the DC line and was a pretty decent Superman movie - at least at the time, it was Superman's best animated movie, though a better one was just a couple years away. 

Check back next week for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.

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