11 September 2013

Super History of Superman: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)

In 2009, the first arc of the recent Superman / Batman comic series titled Public Enemies received a fairly strict adaptation for the direct to video project. Taking the lead from the comic art, this Superman's design was all about presenting Supes as the paragon of physicality. Along with battling Power Suit wearing President Luthor and Metallo, with Batman by his side Superman also faced off against hordes of villains hoping to collect a bounty on his head.

This movie was all about fan service with the World's Finest besting the likes of most of DC's ice-themed villains, Silver Banshee, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, and Lady Shiva, but next having to throw down with members of the Justice Society of America. Not only did Bats and Supes defeat Captain Marvel and Hawkman, but they even donned their costumes. 

Another prominent character in the film was Power Girl in all her... ahem, glory. And while I admit that I am not completely sure about her origins in this continuity, the character of Power Girl was originally an alternate Earth version of Supergirl.

Perhaps one of the cornier moments of the film was the reveal of a rocket modeled after The Composite Superman.

The movie is a bit of a guilty pleasure which offers much more style and action over substance. But with a breezy running time of just over an hour, its pretty harmless.It was a pretty big hit on the home video market leading to the very first direct to video DC sequel, 2010's Superman / Batman: Apocalypse.

Check back next week for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.

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