23 October 2013

Super History of Superman: All-Star Superman (2011)

Yes, All Star Superman is as good as you have heard. Rather than downplaying his powers, the reverent tribute to the silver age Superman embraced the character's super-human abilities. While a good deal was cut from the source material, the remaining content still presents an inspiring hero and an epic story.

If I have one complaint, I wish All Star Superman had received the same 2-part treatment reserved for the equally magnificent Dark Knight Returns. And yet, even with the loss of Zibarro, we were still treated to a Super powered Lois Lane, Atlas and Hercules, a gruesome Parasite and a repugnant and yet redeemable Lex Luthor. 

And while the movie ends on a somber note, it holds out hope that the Man of Steel will return after his final mission to repair the sun. I, likewise will remain hopeful that another Superman movie ever approaches the bar set by All Star Supes.

Check back next week for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.

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