01 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - One Small Step For Superman

This was a messed up episode! After inadvertently playing fetch with a grizzly bear, a kid knocked his head and inexplicably became paraplegic. Turns out, his body was fine, but the loss of the use of his legs could be blamed on the guilt he felt over his dog running away- or something like that. Despite a near tragic wheelchair escape sequence, the boy was able to eventually will himself to walk again. Thanks for the free psychology lesson Super Friends. This episode is somewhat notable for the inclusion of a sort of proto-Metallo, kryptonite powered robot - or it would have been if the whole thing hadn't been a ruse by the Friends to make the boy overcome his depression. As for the dog, I think he got eaten by the bear because he never came back.
Episode Count: 0460
Series Count: (62 of 66)

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