21 January 2014

First Look at JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Despite having to brave a snow storm, I was able to make my way to Target this morning for the exclusive DVD movie, JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time. From the snowy parking lot, I was able to capture a few images on my laptop and upload them using Target's Wifi - ah technology.  More are coming, but for now enjoy a few images from the first half of the film.


  1. Well...how was the movie?!

    The images look good - I like the style.

  2. Overall, a fun movie. MUCH better than Brainiac Attacks all around and much more entertaining than Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo or Mystery of the Batwoman. I love most of the DTV movies, but this is a breath of fresh air, even if its for an all ages audience. Its not stupid, in fact the plot is quite clever though probably not completely logically sound. It has a tone similar to JLU season 3, or perhaps a little lighter, but is more grounded than the Super Friends. The animation is decent quality, also probably comparable if not slightly better than JLU. For the most part, the character designs were nice updates of the Super Friends looks, but mixed feelings about Robins design / character. I actually liked the character of Dawnstar quite a bit, Karate Kid, not as much but they were a good duo and the main characters of the movie. Beware of the cliffhanger ending...